Cystic fibrosis

The actual cause of cystic fibrosis is a genetic defect. Only the symptoms, the dysfunction of the pancreas and the lungs can be treated. Characteristic is the thick mucus, which can lead to secretion congestion and, because it offers an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, then to inflammation of the airways. Interrupting this cycle is the task of physiotherapy. Exercises to stretch the shortened auxiliary respiratory muscles, thorax mobilization and special breathing techniques are important.

On the one hand, these can help to loosen and cough up the tough mucus, but they can also measurably improve lung function. They also help to maintain and increase the necessary gas exchange in the lungs. The patient gains a significant quality of life. Today, self-cleaning techniques are often taught, which those affected can carry out independently according to their daily form.
In contrast to adult treatment, the treatment of an infant is carried out in a playful way and the parents are taught exercises to use at home.